Debt Issues

01 May 2019

Who needs help with debt?

According to debt charity StepChange, the number of younger people seeking debt advice has been increasing in recent years and continues to increase.  More than 619,000 people contacted the charity for…

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20 Mar 2019


Our track record in defeating unfair debt claims against our clients speaks for itself, but here’s what some of those very clients have to say about our services: "Letting CLB…

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25 Feb 2019

Reasons Why People Get Into Debt

Getting into debt is very easy and something that can spiral out of control. There is not just one reason why debt can strike, different people have different reasons why…

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05 Feb 2019

Being in debt

If you're struggling to make ends meet and you're spending more money than you earn, you need to do ensure that you are doing your best to make sure your…

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