20 May 2019


On average over the past 12 months have successfully defended unfair claims against our clients with £4,680 each.

We are proud of the excellent results we have achieved to date and the positive impact this continues to have on people who put their trust in us. We love delivering the good news, and we have lots to share!

Whilst every case is unique, and we cannot guarantee 100% success, our statistics clearly highlight the success we have achieved for our clients, demonstrating that it’s not unusual for us to defeat all the claims faced by a client without any court proceedings.

Many of those clients had been paying to reduce their debt for years without seeing any meaningful progress. They then discovered that they had a RIGHT NOT TO PAYthe thousands of pounds being claimed against them and have subsequently had their debt burden lifted.

Our Results

Since May 2018 CLB have totally closed 125 cases with a combined value of £585,000.

Of these claims, only 3.13% needed to come to some arrangement to pay. 

39.01% of all claims have been abandoned by the claimant company and 57.43% remain unenforceable, representing a 96.43% success rate for us in effectively challenging claimant companies on your behalf.

Our thanks to you

As one of the clients we’ve been able to help or on whose behalf we continue to work we’d like to thank you for placing your faith in us.

Should you be aware of anyone who you feel may benefit from our services we’d be delighted to help them should they want to get in touch.

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