16 Dec 2020

Introducing Galahad & Co.

Change can be scary, but we’re really excited about next year and the direction that Galahad & Co. is going to take us. We’re still committed to the same friendly service, we’re still dedicated to helping you escape debt for good, all that’s changed is our name.

Galahad & Co. will be a trading name of CLB Direct Limited. The underlying company will not change. You do not need to sign any new paperwork; there is no change to the work that we do for you and no change to your fees. You will be dealing with the same fantastic team of people, just under a different name.

This will minimise the disruption to our work and means that there is nothing our existing clients need to do to.

That may sound complicated, but don’t worry we’re on top of everything, all you need to remember is the new name!

Our Mission

At Galahad & Co., we believe that companies have a duty to promote change, the kind that makes a real difference to society. Everything we do is about standing up for consumers, tackling injustices and bringing honesty, fairness and clarity to the consumer credit industry. We challenge lenders, insisting that they are accountable to their customers and can prove they have fulfilled their legal responsibilities. With our help, consumers can finally escape the stress and anxiety of debt, exercise their legal right not to pay, and enjoy financial freedom.

As ever we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our service, please do get in touch to discuss this or any other aspect our work.