05 Feb 2021

What is the process for small claims court?

If a claim has been made against you, you will receive court papers in the post. Do not ignore these – they will tell you exactly what to do and…

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02 Feb 2021

What does the small claims court do?

The small claims court offers any person who is owed money the opportunity to have their case heard by a judge. In the small claims court, the claimant can ask…

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28 Jan 2021

What is the small claims court?

The small claims court is a court which is dedicated to hearing cases between private companies and individuals where one side claims that the other one owes them money. The…

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08 Jan 2021

How will bankruptcy affect me in the future?

Deciding to go bankrupt can have long lasting effects on lots of areas of your life. As we have explored in other articles, bankruptcy is often a good option if…

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27 Dec 2020

How long can a debt collection agency pursue a debt?

We know that debt can quickly become unmanageable, particularly when your financial situation changes without warning. When this happens, it may feel impossible to tackle the problem yourself and it…

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16 Dec 2020

Introducing Galahad & Co.

CLB has got some big plans for 2021… We're writing to let you know about some important changes to the team looking after you at CLB. You will notice that…

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