Financial Advice

15 Mar 2022

What are the implications of an IVA?

If you are struggling with debt repayments, you may have been told that and IVA is the right option for you. But this is rarely the case. The negative impacts…

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24 Sep 2021

How does an IVA work?

If you’re considering an IVA, you should make sure that you understand exactly how and IVA works, how long it will last and what it is likely to cost you.…

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01 Mar 2021

Mindful spending: 6 financial questions to ask yourself

Have you ever wondered how people find themselves in serious debt? When most people think of debt, they tend to think of sudden and unexpected life changes. From unexpected unemployment…

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02 Feb 2021

What does the small claims court do?

The small claims court offers any person who is owed money the opportunity to have their case heard by a judge. In the small claims court, the claimant can ask…

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08 Jan 2021

How will bankruptcy affect me in the future?

Deciding to go bankrupt can have long lasting effects on lots of areas of your life. As we have explored in other articles, bankruptcy is often a good option if…

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27 Dec 2020

How long can a debt collection agency pursue a debt?

We know that debt can quickly become unmanageable, particularly when your financial situation changes without warning. When this happens, it may feel impossible to tackle the problem yourself and it…

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