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08 Jan 2021

How will bankruptcy affect me in the future?

Deciding to go bankrupt can have long lasting effects on lots of areas of your life. As we have explored in other articles, bankruptcy is often a good option if…

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27 Dec 2020

How long can a debt collection agency pursue a debt?

We know that debt can quickly become unmanageable, particularly when your financial situation changes without warning. When this happens, it may feel impossible to tackle the problem yourself and it…

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16 Dec 2020

Introducing Galahad & Co.

Change can be scary, but we’re really excited about next year and the direction that Galahad & Co. is going to take us. We're still committed to the same friendly…

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18 Nov 2020

How to make a complaint about a debt collection agency

If you have concerns about how you have been treated by your lender, or a debt collection agency that they have appointed, it is important to know how to approach…

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03 Nov 2020

How to stop home repossession

People often worry unnecessarily about having their house taken by their lenders in satisfaction of their debt. From the first missed payment to having your house forcibly sold is a…

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30 Oct 2020

How does repossession work?

Repossession can be avoided and you should take all steps possible to make sure that you do not have your home repossessed unnecessarily. But if you have taken full advice…

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