08 Mar 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are struggling with debt and you are or have been in debt management or you are considering an IVA then it is likely that Consumer Law Barristers can be of real help to you.

I am debt management already so will this work have been done already?

No. In our experience, debt management providers do not take the necessary steps to ensure that you only pay companies who can prove the title, value and enforceability of their claim against you.

Debt management is a collective arrangement to administer the payment of sums which it is claimed you owe.

We have a strong record of defeating claims which have been included in a debt management plan.

If you are in debt management you can find out more here.

Will I need to deal with the companies making claims against me?

We will put a stop to any harassment and collection activities including calls, letters and messages.

We know the stress and concern that constant communication chasing payment can cause. Debt collection companies know this too and may try to bully you into paying them.

Those companies have a responsibility to co-operate with your appointed barrister who will be acting on your behalf. If the companies do not stop contacting you then you should tell us and we will stop them.

The emotional burden of debt can have a severe impact on all aspects of your life and we take this part of our work extremely seriously.

If you are in a debt management plan, we can also contact your debt management company directly. You do not need to get in touch with them yourself.

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